Part memoir, part potted history of civilisation, My Life in Ruins is a timely reminder of how digging up the past can be a good thing.

Adam Ford is an archaeologist. Not only has he been on expeditions to unlock the mysteries of the past in the Caribbean, British Isles, Jordan, Syria, Israel, United Arab Emirates and Australia. He’s also had heat stroke, hypothermia, and dysentery; been chased by camel spiders, walked on by scorpions and pestered by bugs big enough to ride. In more than 20 years roaming the globe, he’s lived in some of the most remote locations in the world and suffered the back-breaking and soul-destroying monotony of shifting tonnes of dirt with a shovel. From Cold War bunkers in England to Bronze Age cities on the Euphrates, remotes caves in the Jordan Valley, shipwrecks in Western Australia and burials in Barbados, Adam has dug, dived, abseiled and trekked his way into history.  My Life in Ruins is the story of a life lived in uncovering the past.

Adam Ford is best known for hosting the Australian ABC TV series Who’s Been Sleeping In My House? where Adam unlocks amazing social history stories hidden within the bricks and mortar of old houses across Australia. Adam is the founder of DIG International, an archaeological company that works to explore, conserve and promote the physical remains of our story. A graduate of the Institute of Archaeology, University College London Adam is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries

Adam’s second book, Digging Up The Past (Cengage 2016, in print) is a school text for 11 to 14 year olds and explains the strange and wonderful career of archaeology.

A third book, another novel is in its early stages – so early infact that Adam doesn’t even know what genre he’s going to jump into….watch this space!